Green Beauty

IMG_5199 IMG_5200IMG_5220IMG_4091 Photo 1 – 100 Percent Pure lipsticks in Dandelion and Primrose. Dandelion is very light but beautiful with complete makeup or blotted softly for a bit of peach/coral color. The same with Primrose, this color is extremely bright and pigmented but if you press it lightly on your lips, it can be subtle and lovely. A light flush of healthy color. I also have the cheek and lip tint in Cranberry which is beautiful but I only wear it on my cheeks. I have way too many lipsticks to use blush on my lips but I can see the appeal for someone who would like to carry less stuff around. I would say that the cheek tint seems to be slightly chalky compared to the lipsticks I own. I own four 100 Percent Pure lipsticks.

Photo 2 – Treat Beauty lip balms in Soft Candy and Marshmallow Cream.. I can’t say enough great things about Marshmallow Cream. It smells like heaven and tastes like it too. My children love it as well, my son tried to eat it! I’m not into Stevia, I use honey or turbinado sugar at home if I have to add sugar to anything.. but the Stevia extract in this doesn’t leave an after taste. Miracle.  It makes our lips feel so soft and if I were only able to wear only this for the rest of my life, I would be happy. I know Soft Candy is the best seller that everyone talks about, but I’m all about Marshmallow Cream. Knowing that my children are ingesting healthy ingredients with this lip balm is great. I read that women ingest about 6 lbs of lipstick in their lifetime.. I would prefer that my family and I only ingest things that are good for us. If I can’t eat it, I’m most certainly not wanting to put it on my face. My skin is my largest organ and I want to take good care of it. I have changed most of my beauty items over to green products. It’s not always easy or cheap but it’s worth the investment.

Photo 3 – Mineral Fusion products. For the most part I love the makeup. The ingredients in the foundation.. could be better. The foundation feels amazing and looks like a second skin. I enjoy lip butter for something easy and quick. It is fantastic, smells great, looks beautiful!! The mascara I bought dried too hard for my liking.. Sorry Mineral Fusion, love you guys. If there’s a better version I should try, someone please let me know. Instead I have been using the Honey Bee Gardens & 100 Percent Pure Mascaras in black tea. I like the Honeybee Gardens for depth/thickness and the other for length. The concealers are just as good as high end products and the formula is easy to move around my sensitive eye area. I like that I can go to the store and pick up this brand with my groceries. Easy.

Photo 4 – This scrub smells awesome, I have been making my own. If I’m feeling lazy and I need to exfoliate, I rub brown sugar on my legs.. I’m pretty simple when it comes to my routine. Natural Grocers is my go-to place for everything..diaper wipes, cat food, soap, shampoo, cleaning products, makeup, food, oil, you name it.

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