Green Beauty

IMG_5199 IMG_5200IMG_5220IMG_4091 Photo 1 – 100 Percent Pure lipsticks in Dandelion and Primrose. Dandelion is very light but beautiful peach/coral color. Primrose is extremely bright and pigmented but if you press it lightly on your lips, it can be subtle and lovely. A light flush of healthy color. I also have the cheek and lip tint in Cranberry which is very flattering. It is appealing for someone who would like to carry less stuff around.

Photo 2 – Treat Beauty lip balms in Soft Candy and Marshmallow Cream.. I can’t say enough great things about Marshmallow Cream. It smells like heaven and tastes like it too. I’m not into Stevia, I use honey or turbinado sugar at home if I have to add sugar to anything.. but the Stevia extract in this doesn’t leave an after taste. It makes my lips feel so soft and if I were only able to wear only this for the rest of my life, I would be happy. I know Soft Candy is the best seller that everyone talks about, but I’m all about Marshmallow Cream. Knowing that I am ingesting healthy ingredients with this lip balm is great. I read that women ingest about 6 lbs of lipstick in their lifetime.. I would prefer to only ingest things that are good for me. If I can’t eat it, I certainly do not want to put it on my face. My skin is my largest organ and I want to take good care of it. I have changed most of my beauty items over to green products. It’s not always easy or cheap but it’s worth the investment.

Photo 3 – Mineral Fusion products. For the most part I love the makeup. The ingredients in the foundation.. could be better. The foundation feels amazing and looks like a second skin. I don’t wear foundation often but when I do, this is a good option. I enjoy their lip butter for something easy and quick. It is fantastic, smells great, looks lovely! The mascara I bought dried too hard for my liking.. Sorry Mineral Fusion, love you guys. If there’s a better version I should try, someone please let me know. Instead I have been using the Honey Bee Gardens & 100 Percent Pure Mascaras in black tea. I like the Honeybee Gardens for depth/thickness and the other for length. The concealers are just as good as high end products and the formula is easy to move around my sensitive eye area. I like that I can go to the store and pick up this brand with my groceries. Easy. Another wonderful brand is.. W3ll People, which can be found at a variety of locations including Whole Foods.

Photo 4 – This scrub smells awesome, I have been making my own. If I’m feeling lazy and I need to exfoliate, I rub brown sugar on my legs.. I’m pretty simple when it comes to my routine. Natural Grocers is my go-to place for everything.. all natural wipes, cat food, soap, shampoo, cleaning products, makeup, food, oil, you name it.

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