Daily Makeup & Shower Routine

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Daily Shower Routine – I use shampoo from Natural Grocers called John Masters Organics in Zinc + Sage which smells like an awesome combo of vanilla, coconut, and marshmallows to me. The conditioner from Hugo Naturals is actually coconut and I shave with unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil as well. I don’t ever buy shaving cream.

I wash my face and makeup off with this little bottle of Argan oil that lasts about a month at a time. My skin has always been pretty clear and more on the dry side so my skin/hair love oil.

If I feel like I want to be extra soft, I will exfoliate with brown sugar. If I ever feel like my skin needs a little extra help I rub honey and cinnamon on my face while I shave and then wash it off.

Once a month or so I’ll make a hair mask with olive oil, avocado, sometimes.. one local farm fresh egg (pasture raised) and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Deodorant = Native, Toms powder fresh, lavender, or Jason brand. I have tried others that are natural, but some of them that have sea salt as the first ingredient, which burns. I prefer to use nothing or a bit of organic powder and that’s it. I found that when I started shaving with coconut oil, I stopped needing anything else under my arms for the most part.

I brush my teeth with Nature’s Gate creme de mint. I chew gum often and normally buy the green tea gum from Natural Grocers or “Pur” from Walgreens. The BHT and Aspartame in everything else is a hard pass for me.

Daily Makeup Routine – I usually start off with homemade sunscreen or this sunscreen stick from Natural Grocers, lotion, and then I use the pinkish part of the mineral fusion concealer under my eyes.

Second, I apply the organic B.B. cream from Physicians Formula. Often, I wear nothing but a little under eye concealer.

I really want to try Kjaer Weis foundation soon. I use the Zuzu Luxe blush in Nymph for my highlight, Tarte blush in Peaceful or my 100 Percent Pure cheek tint in Cranberry.

If my lips are dry I use the Lush lip scrub in Mint Julips and then use my Treat Beauty lip balm or the cherry lip balm from 100 Percent Pure.

I love the Zuzu Luxe liquid eyeliner in Raven and Azure. For mascara I mix the Honey Bee Gardens Mascara and the 100 Percent Pure mascara. I like the 100 Percent Pure mascara for length and the other for thickness.

Lately, I have been using a lot of my Red Apple Lipstick in the color Audrey. In this photo I have three of my four 100 Percent Pure lipsticks. I have Foxglove, Calendula, Primrose, and Dandelion. I also have three Tarte lipsticks here, two Mineral Fusion, and one from Zuzu Luxe in Dollhouse Pink.

Perfume – I use this Pua Lei oil from LeahLani Skincare. Nothing can compare to this smell. After I come out of the shower smelling like exotic coconuts, usually I don’t need anymore than this oil. If I need anything extra I might mist a bit of this Love & Toast perfume on my clothing. It’s one of the better perfumes out there. I love to smell like exotic coconuts, vanilla, Tuberose, and Puakenikeni flowers. I walk around smelling like Hawaii. Love it.

In the last photo are things I use sometimes that I haven’t found green beauty replacements for yet. This Face Shop powder is for blotting only and it’s a Holy Grail type of product.

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