Zuzu Luxe


Shopping at Natural Grocers this week, I found myself taking a trip through the makeup and skincare area. My little detour down the makeup aisle let to the purchase of the Zuzu Luxe blush in Haze. Haze is a heavily pigmented color, it can be applied to the skin softly or applied a little thicker for a dramatic look, maybe even used as a bronzer on the cheeks. While at the store, I also sampled a few of their lip glosses, which were very impressive. I will be purchasing a few of those soon! They are gorgeous and felt great on my skin, not sticky or tacky.

I paired Nymph with Haze in my photos above and below. Nymph is a lilac color also by Zuzu Luxe, and is so captivating on. I have gotten many compliments on Nymph. I even use Nymph as an eye shadow.. It’s just that beautiful. I was taking photos the other day as Rapunzel for the business that I have and Nymph was perfect to use for this character.

Side note- (I was also wearing Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner in the photo below, Raven is my favorite eyeliner, Azul running a close second for special days.)

Zuzu Luxe has ingredients that I feel safe rubbing upon my face. Needless to say, I am loving this brand and I can’t wait to try more. https://gabrielcosmeticsinc.com


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