Organic Hair Care


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After I started using organic shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, I started to notice that I had less fly away hairs that needed to be tamed. Then, as time went on my split ends were all of the sudden, gone. Like magic! Spread the word people, an organic lifestyle is the way to go. Why spend all of your hard earned money putting poison on/in your body when the organic options work wonders.

What products do I use you may ask.. I use lots different organic products from Whole Foods, Fresh by Brookshires, Natural Grocers, and from online shops. Some of these will appear from time to time on my Instagram. @houseof.holly Some of my favorites include: John Masters Organics, Hugo, Dolphin Organics, Nature’s Gate, among others. I use organic Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and mostly Macadamia oil on my hair. Macadamia oil smells the best in my opinion, I just love it.

All photos taken in 2015/2016. I added photos from the start of my organic hair care up until now. The random photos are just there for aesthetic reasons.

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