Toxic & Safe Nail Polish




Nail polish companies are finally starting to change ingredients and I have a small list of sites to recommend for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the toxic chemicals that you may be painting your nails with. Yes, it is soaking into your body and yes even small amounts over time can cause lots of damage.

I have a lot of Mineral Fusion nail polishes which are, “100% Vegan :: Toluene Free :: Camphor Free :: DBP Free :: Formaldehyde Free :: Cruelty Free” according to their website. I only have a few concerns about Mineral Fusion right now.

I would love to try water based nail polishes like these from Honeybee Gardens.

I’m starting to think that water based is superior, regardless of drying time. I would rather wait for something to dry longer than poison myself. This link leads to some of the best options.

If you are uncertain about the ingredients in your nail polish you might want to visit the brand’s website. Usually, you will see an ingredients list somewhere on a drop down tab (sometimes hidden at the bottom). I will say that even brands that claim to be healthy can contain toxic chemicals.

Butter London is ever changing and I actually called the company the other day to ask which of my nail polishes were outdated and how they have been upgrading the products. On the bottom of the Butter London nail polishes should be a 4 digit printed number which will tell you the year the nail polish was made, then you can google which ingredients are inside the bottle in question. I’m not sure if this is true for other brands.

Some nail polishes say 3 free or 5 free but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. I would stay away from clearance nail polishes if I were you, unless I had my EWG app ready to confirm that the product is safe. I believe the newest nail polishes should say 7-9 free. This means that these nail polishes have replaced or gotten rid of toxins in the formula.

This is my favorite site research products of any kind, and you can also search for individual ingredients.

Now to list Nail polishes that are on the bad list. Essie, OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, Wet N Wild and more.. Even Butter London made this list.

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