Hello Fresh Review




I think Hello Fresh is a great idea but personally I wasn’t excited by the actual meals. The menu looks pretty on the site, the instructions are easy to follow, and don’t require a lot of effort.

Hello Fresh claims to have farm fresh products. I saw this tidbit on the site, “We source organic and natural food from local suppliers whenever possible. From our humanely-raised chicken to our farm-fresh produce”. That statement is okay, could be better. I think this is a good option if you aren’t concerned with buying all organic.

The box itself is huge and time consuming to recycle because it’s hard to break down. They changed the inside design a few times that I noticed during few months I tried it out. I think they are trying to make the inside easier to recycle but still keep the proper temperature. The box came via U.P.S. and was prompt every time.

The herbs and the meals were indeed very fresh. The ingredients lasted a long time in the fridge and kept well past the intended date. Overall, I would say that Hello Fresh is easy to order, prepare, and is very simple in taste. You won’t get anything too salty, sweet, or savory with this company. Clean taste, lots of lemon, olive oil, and herb use. It’s okay but not good enough to make me want to continue purchasing. I prefer to shop for my own groceries at health food stores so buying food in this way just isn’t for me, it was fun to try but not to keep up with.

The last thing I have to say is that this company makes it easy to draft each month with a credit card, the way they keep the items cool during travel is by including several Nordic Ice packs, and the meat is separated from the rest of the items (as it should be). Here is the site for Nordic Ice. http://temperatsure.com/

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